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Company Introduction
 Silver Spoon Foods Co., Ltd.is specializing in packing various natural bee-honey. Most of our products are sold abroad, Europe,Australia and  Middle East are our major markets . We have our own factory, and have been engaged in export business for 15 years. Therefore, we are so familiar with different markets’quality standard  that we could always meet buyers’request. We keeps a long and friendly relationship with the beekeepers, which enables us to control the source,  it’s the most important point for a food industry.  That’s the reason why we’ve  never been troubled by those problems like adulteration, pesticide and antibiotic residue etc.
We can supply not only normal multi-floral ELA, LA honey,but also honey of single-nectar such as acacia honey , vitex honey, linden honey, sunflower and buckwheat honey, and other bee-products like royal jelly, pollen.  
All products would be inspected by CIQ  before exporting.  Sometimes we ask INTERTEK ,GERMANY to test our products on some critical items, for instance: SMR/SMB.     
Silver Spoon always purchase well, control every link in processing and packing well and  understand the markets well. All these would make us to  be your reliable supplier. 



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